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31. ledna 2011 v 22:37 | Adel |  povídání :P
Na twitteru je x lidí, kteří denně napíšou třeba 20 takovýchhle statusů s citáty a situacemi, časem jsem je začala shromažďovat, tak proč se o ně nepodělit :)

Chcete-li vědět něco víc o mně a umíte anglicky.

I hate it when you make plans... get excited... they never happen. |:
I put my music on shuffle... then skip every song. -_-
I love being in that mood were everything is just hilarious.
I like being alone, but I hate being lonely.
When I see a typo, I look at the keyboard to see if the two keys were close. :D
I pick my mascara off when I'm bored...
Whenever I lose my phone... it's always on silent!
Me? Sarcastic? Never... ;D
When you're angry & you type way faster than you should.
I can't hear you, so I'll just laugh and hope it wasn't a question...
Really wanting to say something back but it's way too harsh...
Receive text, start replying, forget what it said, save to drafts, re-read!
When my parents are out, I play my music LOUD!
I don't care if the spider's "not hurting anyone", I want it dead.
I love when I rap the verses of songs correctly, it makes me feel cool. :D
I can't clean my room because I get distracted by the cool stuff I find.
I stay in my pyjamas until I absolutely HAVE to get dressed. :)
Standing in front of a closet full of clothes sayin "I have nothin to wear!"
My best friend & I can speak to each other through facial expressions. :)
I say stuff I don't mean when I'm upset.
When I hear myself eating crunchy food, I wonder if people can hear it the same...
Shower = the place of thoughts & DECISION MAKING
I love people who can make me laugh when I don't even want to smile.
"I won't forget, I won't forget!", "So did you bring it?"... "Sh*t!"
The awkward moment when you open an exam and can't even answer the first question.
That awkward moment when you still can't understand someone after they repeat themselves three times.
Depressed? Earphones in… Volume up.
I love days in class when all we do is chill and talk the whole time.
Singing as loud as you can when nobody's home.
Whenever I erase text messages, I feel like I'm deleting evidence.

a jeden na závěr...
Dear whoever is reading this, don't forget to smile today!! :)
you can

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1 Hanička ;) Hanička ;) | 2. února 2011 v 22:05 | Reagovat

Ha píšu ti tu komentář!:D věta: "I won't forget, I won't forget!", "So did you bring it?"... "Sh*t!" autor tě zná?:D:D ale neboj našla jsem tě i v plno dalších věcech ;)(I love being in that mood were everything is just hilarious.)no vidiš každý den mi o tom povídáš a teď to konečně vidim "všecko" pokupě. dobrý čéče:D

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